Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Living Line

"Who casts to write a living line, must sweat."

~Ben Jonson

I've been sweating a bit, all to do with the first entry of this blog. To those who have been cajoling me to just dive in, I counter: "But I haven't decided on my voice yet!" To those who don't know exactly what the struggle is, let me explain...

Should this venture have a devotional-bent? You know: deep rumblings and dissertative stuff that inspires and makes the reader say,"whoah". I would be hard-pressed to keep coming up with that kind of material, though.

How about just fun-writing? Throughout the day, random encounters make me laugh or wonder about other people's sanity. I like to make my friends laugh and pull them (sometimes unwillingly) into my observation tower.

Then there's the blog that simply tells about the writer's day. I have some pretty interesting days. But, I must admit, they may only be interesting to me, and Reader Beware: this blog may only be useful for bedtime reading. zzzzz.

How about I start with an thought-provoking quote and spin from there? Is it cheating to start from another writer's amazing idea? And to whom, exactly, are these questions posed, anyway?

So, you see, these are the tangled strands that comprise my dilemma. No big deal, you say, just figure it out as you go along.


And perhaps there will be a living line now and then.


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