Monday, September 03, 2007

packing it in

Yes, I know that the last day of summer is a ways away on the calendar. Tell that to the morning chill, the burnt orange leaves, the raspberry bushes that need a tarp over them at night, and the homeschooling mothers that stand in clusters after church and talk "shop".
What things filled my "last day of summer"?

-An early morning walk.This hour-long lope took me over the crest of the hill, through the maple grove, and past the green barn where fresh cedar posts are neatly stacked.

-A load of laundry.

-A thorough cleaning of the downstairs bathroom.

-A kayak trip on the Raquette with Friend #32. We talked a lot and drifted a little, but we still had a workout worthy of a cup of coffee and a bagel afterwards. As we lunched on the table outside the Bagelry, we were spotted by Hubby and Friend #12. They parked the truck and joined us with their PBJs. As an added bonus, the sun came out. You can't arrange such things; only bask in them.

-A trip to the grocery store.

-An afternoon of corn. We bought a sack of local corn from a farmer-friend that would make Santa Claus look like a sissy. This was one sack-o'-corn, people. #1 Daughter shucked it on the side porch and yours truly blanched it, cut it from the cob, and stuffed it into freezer bags. When various members of the household come in the door tonight, they will detect the distinct aroma of a veritable corn-factory.

Dinner is on the back burner: spicy lamb stew which we will eat with couscous and chase with iced tea. Then, while our mouths are still aflame, #1 Son and I will attend choir rehearsal on campus. Although I am really there to sing, I will also double as rehearsal pianist. It's all good, though.
Tomorrow is the first day of school around these here parts, so wish me the best and rejoice with me that I made the most out of my "last day of summer".


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Reading about your day just made me tired! ;-)

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