Friday, January 18, 2008

see the light

It is not nice to make fun.

My favorite family collapses in laughter whenever we read the weekly newspaper ad of a local window replacement business. Each week brings a freshly-composed "poem" which supposedly touts the benefits of replacement windows. These gems are read aloud at the table, posted on the fridge, and shared gleefully with the uninitiated. Somehow they have escaped the claim-to-fame of being posted on my blog.

Until today.


New Year
New Game
Rain, Wind,
Mud, Thud.
Windows shaking.
Call On Us.
Save Time & Money.
See the Light.
Our Windows are Tight.
Bright at Night
To Hold You Right.
So No Fright.
No Fret.
Call Before
You Forget.



Time to Make
The Big Move.
Will it be Windows,
or Toys?
Fix My Home,
or Rome?
Out to Play,
or Stay?
What To Do?
What To Say?
Refund On It's Way.
Can't Think
Can't Tell.
Oh What the Hay.
Tomorrow's Another Day.


Blogger TrashTidBits said...

I just tagged you for a blog game. See my blog to learn more. Have fun.

1:10 PM  
Blogger brietta said...

Oh wow. I just tagged you, too. It's official. You're gonna have to play. :)


2:06 PM  

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