Sunday, June 04, 2006

Roadside Beauty

It was an amazing week for accomplishing things in Knapps Station, New York. Here at 3108, the eaves and window frames were scraped and primed. The scrubby lilacs were mown down to the quick. Weeds were whacked. And, coup de grace: the brick painted.

Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray now adorns our circa 1835 brick farmhouse. We are now designing country shutters and a small colonial-style front porch. The family is in agreement about matching the shutters with the Potsdam sandstone foundation, but the exact shade is a tricky one.

This is not merely an informative post, but also one to express my gratitude to my family, Friend #12, and Dave L. for their hard work. Mom rejoices in seeing this log-awaited project take shape!

Check my flickr for more pics.


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Yeah - I stole the pics - thanks. =)

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