Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Creative writing doesn't have to be tedious. Nor does it have to be over-curriculated. (Curriculized? Curriculumed?)
The schoolmarm at the Hull Homeschool Academy cracked open her lesson planning book yesterday with a gleam in her eye. She pulled a new trick from her pocket to try out on her bush-eyed and brighty-tailed students. The assignment: re-write one of the Puritan prayers of teacher's choosing from the devotional, "The Valley of Vision" in your own words. Regular readers of this here blog will recognize this little book, as I have quoted it with increasing frequency.
My ten-o'clock-scholars balked only minimally (as they knew they wouldn't get much leniency on the first day of school) and then completed the task with panache. -Such panache that today's reading aloud of the assignments made mom cry.
Isn't it generous of #1 Daughter to allow me to share this?

The Trinity in My Own Words

God above, favored Son, forever Spirit,
I cherish you as One Individual, One soul,
for accepting sinners into Your home and Your domain.
Father God, you have loved and cared for me
and sent Your Son to free me.
Oh Lord, you have loved me and understood my nature,
gave Your life to put my sins aside.
Clothed in honesty to cover my unworthy acts.
Spirit of God, You have treasured me and have come into my heart,
rooted everlasting life,
and showed me the wonderful works of God.
Lord Jesus and Spirit, I anoint You and worship You for love so incredible,
so inexpressible, so astounding, so mighty to redeem the lost
and raise them to triumph.
God, I thank You that with Your love,
You have given me to Your Son
to be His precious child.
Jesus, I thank You that with Your love, You have taken me for who I am.
Spirit of God, I thank You that in Your love,
You have revealed Jesus as my Savior, put faith in me, softened my stubborn heart,
and made me one with Him for eternity.
Oh Lord, hear my cries.
Jesus, Your hand is drawn-out to take my pleas.
Spirit of God, You are happy to assist my sicknesses,
to give me words to cry to God,
to give me strength that I might not faint in question.
Oh Trinity Who rules the universe,
You have commanded me to ask and learn about Your Kingdom
and my soul.
Let me live and pray
as one baptized into the Trinity Name.


Anonymous Mom said...

It's in the gene's somewhere!!!

10:06 PM  
Blogger jean said...

You said it! What an awesome job you did, Ana! Gramma is proud of you! I'm so glad to be a part of your family, and see faith passed on!

12:26 PM  

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