Sunday, January 20, 2008

sports are really ok. really.

Football has been good to me.

This afternoon, football gave me the afternoon off from food prep. Hubby brought home two pizzas and two boxes of hot wings. (I couldn't resist throwing together a quick salad for my own gastronomic well-being, but that was a snap.)

One-half of one of the pizzas was veggie. That's nice.

Football has herded the noisy ones into the back room which, when the door is snugly shut, is amazingly sound-proof. That leaves me alone in the rest of the house. Except for the clink of jeans in the dryer, the hum of the heater, and the barely perceptible tinkle of snow hitting the windows, it is very very quiet. This is nice, too.

With one game almost done and one game to go, I stretch my legs and meander into the kitchen. No one said I was off K.P. completely. A small crowd is coming over for the next game and whole-grain banana pancakes are on the menu. I am eager to be the hostess for a happy gang, a few of which will likely play Scrabble with me. Not a bad deal.

After a whole evening of overhearing muffled whoops and clapping from the back room, I slip in to observe the game go into overtime. Sensing the electricity in the air, I stay for the last minutes of the game. Hey! The guy that flubbed the last kick has now redeemed himself. He neatly places the ball between the goal posts. The fans go wild. I feel elated that I watched ten minutes of the game and wasn't even bored.

Everyone had a great time today, and after seeing our guests out into the frigid night, the weary fans trooped off to bed. Instead of following them, Friend #7 and I stayed up to watch a way cool documentary. The couches were still warm from the football-marathon. Which was nice.

See how good football has been to me?


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