Monday, March 24, 2008

the sweetest sabbath

Easter candles have burned low.

Hymnals wait in a shaft of late-day sun to be shelved until next time.

Leftovers from Easter dinner are transformed into a casserole of deliciousness.

Who stomped on the easter eggs????

Easter Dinner-2008

Just a few family members.
Of course, Friend #7.
And a music student who didn't go home for spring break.
And Ira. (my kids were over the moon....)
Add to this a friend from church who didn't have any special dinner-plans.

After dinner, enter:
the Smith Family (minus Mr.)
three college guys (thanks, Friend #7)
and maybe more. I began to lose count.

After dessert, a hymn sing.
(Christmas carols receive weeks of air-time. No fair. Let those rollicking Resurrection Hymns rumble, I say.) We sang and sang until our repertoire was thoroughly ransacked.

The day after Easter is catch-up day.
We sent off overnight guests with bagged sandwiches, a few jars of pickles, freshly-washed casserole dishes, and farewell wishes.
Bleary-eyed, we tackled laundry, school-work, and vacuuming.
We ate leftovers. (Three roasted chickens are reduced to one fairly-sized pie.)

Tempered by the long shadows of evening, the day after this special Sabbath winds down to a sweet shuffle.

It was a beautiful Easter season.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

I'm afraid my day after Easter regrouping was not quite as successful. No vacuuming. That should be done now since the downstairs bathroom is torn apart, bad sheetrock removed creating all kinds of dust, front room emptied and drop cloths cover piano and bookshelves, priming begun, laundry sort of started, sitting room a mumbly jumbly mess, etc.

Oh - and no school accomplished. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for me and this crew!

BTW - I decided to go with bisque for the walls. Figured it was worth a try!

8:05 PM  

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