Saturday, August 20, 2011


All in one week, here are some of the amazing things I got to do:

-help plan a wedding reception
-hold a newborn babe the day of her birth
-snuggle two kiddos with two temperatures on two couches ( they are both feeling better!)
-sell goat cheese at the Farmer's Market
-harvest basket after basket of fresh vegetables from my own garden
-run errands with #1 Daughter
-talk to #1 Son (who is in Uganda!) on the phone with crystal-clear reception
-share a late-night snack on the candle-lit porch with my Hubby
-talk about God with numerous people who encouraged my soul to the core
-paint trim in the new church plant in a nearby town (while visiting with a dear friend who was also holding a paintbrush!)
-make pickles
-make bread
-make jokes
-drift on the river in my little green kayak while the seagulls were dipping in the setting sun.

So, how was your week?


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