Thursday, June 16, 2011

my busy mind

This radiant girl officially graduated from high school last weekend.

We hosted a little dinner party on the porch in her honor, replete with happy relatives. Then we trotted over to the church for the graduation-shindig. It was a memorable evening.

My favorite part was when #1 Daughter sang John Mayer's "Stop This Train", accompanied by some fantastically plucky guitar playing. Thanks, Jules.

* in the spirit of fun, I will leave my wrong link attached. I attempted to link to the lyrics of the song, but somehow got yesterday's link about cheeseburgers instead. Enjoy.

Speaking of plucky playing, #1 Son was home for the weekend - and would you just look at what he was trying his hand at.

He is so very avant-garde!

-which brings me to mention cupcakes.

Not really a smooth segue, but my mind is always one blip away from mentioning cupcakes these days, especially if they are as moist & delectable as these were.

Oh my. Kitchen-goodness of all kinds! Some of them had peanut-butter frosting.

Speaking of peanut-butter frosting, here is the latest on my garden.

I am going for brussel sprouts this season. I love how Dr. Suess they look when they are ready for harvest!

All kinds of green things are popping up, which reminds me:
I need to go practice the piano.

Forgive the non sequiturs. It's merely a tiny peek into the cogs of my busy mind.


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