Saturday, April 02, 2011

to my Saturday Friend

Dear Saturday Friend,

You are away today, gallavanting with friends close to your own age. But I still managed to have a lovely Saturday without you.

I finally spray-painted those wooden urns with hammered metal paint. Also, the wooden carved tray. They are perfecto in their new clothes. The wayI did it was this: I spread an old tarp on the lawn near the river where I could watch the seagulls dip & dive. This was crucial to the success of the project of course.

Then I sprayed them. Simple.

Remember that over-sized tea towel that I found at the flea market? (The one that Louissa almost bought but didn't? Yes, that one.)

I cut it in half ( -which I am getting so very adept at doing) and hemmed the cut edges. Then I hung it from metal clips & curtain rod hoops in the new bathroom window. It is quite the perfect thing there. I know you will approve.

Tomorrow we are hosting a hungry family. So I made an enormous pot of chicken corn chowder. It has green chilies & red pepper flakes in it, which means it needs to be eaten with monterey jack cheese & crushed tortilla chips sprinkled on top.

While this piping hot concoction was cooling on the stove, I decided to hop into my little green boat & take to the river. It was my first foray this year & much-anticipated. The wind was whipping but I reasoned thusly: the sun is shining, the ice is gone, and the geese are out there, so why not me?

Also today:

-I read my Bible & scored some important truths.
-I bought some groceries and three hyacinth bulbs just beginning to sprout.
-I met a lovely young lady from this ministry. She had a "tour" of our old stone home and an impromptu piano concert from me, the Lady of the Manor. I hope she didn't mind that I was dressed in my shabby work clothes. She spoke with passion on behalf of the children she defends. She also understood a quote from "What About Bob?", so she made quite the impression upon me.
-I will be heading out to the local high school to take in their production of "Beauty & the Beast" along with Hubby & #1 Daughter.

Other than these events, hardly anything has happened today. But it would have been a treat to share any or all of this April Saturday with you, my dear.


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