Tuesday, March 01, 2011

in which I sew.

Today I sat down at a sewing machine & actually SEWED something.

Cause for celebration! Thank you Mrs. Fox (mother of Warren, awfully cute baby) for tutoring so patiently & for hovering over me while I stitched on the turtle setting.

(FYI: no joke, non-sewers. There is a turtle setting and a hare setting for real. Please don't laugh at us, clever sewing machine owners. We non-sewers didn't know.)

A year ago I snatched up a beautiful shower curtain from the clearance bin for three bucks. It was the exact duplicate of one we already own & use, but I love the material & thought it was a good idea have a replacement ready someday.

Here is the old one, looking just as new as the day I bought it -perhaps three years ago.

In the meanwhile, I changed my mind & decided to cut the bargain-replacement up for placemats. It makes perfect sense to me. I ended up with 12 placemats, which is very handy since my harvest table seats 12 without squeezing.

They are luxuriously sized, too -which means plenty of room for that auction china with all its high-falutin' extra pieces:

Let's do the math: 12 place-mats for 3 bucks = 25 cents apiece. Nice.


Blogger Debbie Flack said...

Love it!
(I've sewed since I was a teen, but "turtle setting" and "hare setting" I had to think about ... I'm assuming it's the speed at which you sewed.)
Your new place mats go fabulously with the "high-falutin'" table ware - you have such good taste!

9:05 PM  
Blogger danica said...

Did you skip the mitered corners?

Guess what? When I'm sewing FOR REAL (read: anything I care about), I set it to turtle, too. People compliment me on my even stitches and super straight seams, but the turtle is the key.

10:19 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

truth: Carol did the corners!
also: I am convinced I shall never graduate from the turtle setting, but that's ok by me.

10:38 AM  

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