Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday activities

Look at my wholesome activities for the day. Oats & honey are so very good for one's health, as is thrifting with Olivia.

She did not purchase this pink suede coat, although it fit like a glove.
It draped so elegantly! Even her damp slippers (which she wears everywhere) did not detract from its vintage beauty.

Speaking of vintage beauty, will somebody somewhere shout out SOMETHING regarding this circa 1960 lamp. Atrocious? Horrendous? Ostentatious?

This funky-retro-monstrosity is certainly the belle of the ball. I dare anyone to NOT notice it.

Owing to the fact that it is befizzled & bedangled with real crystals, the price tag was a jaw-dropping $375. Inexplicable!!!


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