Thursday, February 24, 2011

packets of joy

I pushed a cumbersome shopping cart through the overstuffed aisles of The Christmas Tree Shop yesterday, convincing myself to only fill it with things I need.

Three large display stands of colorful seeds shouted my name while the 50% price sign drew me in for closer inspection. I stood there long, dreaming of this year's garden & its future bounty.

What a perfect place to while away the time, selecting one promising packet over another, toying with trying a new herb or flower! I walked away with most of my season's seeds, excepting the local ones I buy from our local co-op.

Now they reside in a kitchen drawer until May. Can anyone blame me for opening that drawer just to smile at these pretty things?


Anonymous brietta said...

The Christmas Tree Shop was the place I bought my first seeds ever (several years ago for our inaugural vegetable patch). Can't beat the prices! That reminds me that I ought to stop in just for that when I bring Aubrey to her cardiology appointment in March. Thanks!

11:13 AM  

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