Saturday, January 22, 2011

before & after

A few weeks back, I dragged this kind of ugly trunk home from a thrift store.

Then I set #1 Son on to the task of making it beautiful.
"Have fun," said I, "-only please make this into an amazing cabinet for under the flat screen TV."

His main partner was Best Boy #2, Zach. An additional accomplice showed up on the scene, for which I also give my thanks.

Thanks for making the boys focus, Matthew.
That IS what you were doing, right?

At one point when I sent my Saturday Friend (Olive) down to the garage to check on their progress, she reported:

"They are listening to NOT Jesus music and dancing all over the garage."

She not only stated this sincerely, but in a sing-songy little sister tone -which highly entertained me but for it's certain truth.

In between their frolicking, they decided to saw a gaping hole into the front of the trunk. Then they decided that this trunk needed secret drawers.

The secret drawers are for treasure maps and hidden pirate booty.

Today I requested that the unfinished trunk be hauled into my family room for the girly-touches
that would bring it home.

I googled my favorite site, Design Sponge, for the tutorial on Dry Brush Painting.

My Saturday Friend and I had all sorts of fun doing the EASY PEASY beauty treatment!

It only took approximately ONE HOUR to make this old trunk sing the song I have wanted it to sing.
Thank you, Anthropologie, for making so many porcelain knobs that mounds of them end up in the clearance bin.

Oh Thank you ever so $2.95 much.

TA-DAH! Here is my new beautiful thing up close.

-and here is my new beautiful thing in its natural environment.

Somebody bring me some popcorn. Stat.


Blogger Jenna said...

I love your new thing! It is indeed be-a-utiful!!! Miss your face!

10:08 PM  

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