Wednesday, December 15, 2010

little projects.

(View from the top o' the spiral staircase:)

Ta-da! The new bathroom is done! (* disclaimer: no pics of the new bathroom ensue.)

-except for painting some trim, cleaning the dusty shower stall, installing the towel racks, and oh yeah. Also, thawing the pipes.

Enclosed in a very well-insulated wall, they froze because there was no heat in that wall. The insulation kept the household heat out entirely.

-or something like that. I'm never sure I get the story right.

But my guys are on the job, pulling the pantry out from the wall, making holes in sheet- rock, opening boxes of plumbing, and indulging in the merriment of the season. See?

I did my part & whipped up a batch o' corn muffins. Then I put a pot o' chili on the stove to simmer.
Then I tossed my self onto the couch to enjoy the Christmas decor.


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