Friday, November 12, 2010


In the wee light of this chilly November morning, Hubby said good-bye for a dozen days, give or take a few. He is off to the Dominican Republic once again, where the air is moist & warm and where pineapples are always in season.

On his last night home, I wrestled with a head cold & lost miserably. I sneezed & snuffled so much that I drove him into his newly-finished office, where he found repast on his pull-out couch. Nice way to send him off, right?

I arose sneezing & wheezing, but geared myself up for this busy day like a soldier preparing for battle. But alas, after rehearsing with the kid's choirs for 2 hours this morning while awash with damp kleenex tissues, I was sent home by one of my favorite people in the world.

She is the Director & I have to do what she says.

Before I could cancel my 1 pm performance (Glitter & Be Gay, Berstein), my soprano canceled on ME. Oh lack-a-day: she, too, is ill.

Now my afternoon was free to blow my nose 269 times at my leisure. I did manage to practice three piano concerto scores in between sniffles.

Call me nuts, but I am still attending tonight's performance of On the Town. And afterward, we are hosting a family of five overnight.

See? It wasn't THAT busy of a day, after all!


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