Tuesday, March 08, 2011

end of winter thoughts

I have the distinct feeling that I will be trudging today.

1. (intr) to walk or plod heavily or wearily
2. (tr) to pass through or over by trudging
n a long tiring walk[of obscure orig

As far as examples of onomatopoeia go, surely trudge is in the top ten.

-Not that I have any real mountains to climb, mind you. Just the layering of winter clothing, the cleaning off of the car, the acquisition of groceries, and the lurking possibility of a visit to the gym. An evening visit to a friend who resides at a farm up the road apiece is my jewel at the end of the day.

Even then, you may imagine me trudging up her drive toward the front porch where a lighted window awaits me.

At this time of the year, in the last clutches of a mean winter, is it any wonder that the simplest activities morph into olympian feats? Let us reach for the laurel crown; surely it is within our grasp, although wreathed with the humble dandelion -our spring joy which some people call a weed.

A weed & a rare orchid, both triumphant victors over the steely frost. As for this trudging wayfarer, either will do at the end of the trail.


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