Wednesday, June 01, 2011

tall tale

It went from being quite blustery this afternoon to....well, seriously gusty!

Spotting a cushion from an outdoor chair being tossed in the wind, I dashed outside to rescue it when I saw the lids from our garbage cans go flying. I debated whether to first run after them or the cushion.....

Good thing I chose to grab the cushion first because as I grabbed it, I heard a loud crack behind me. Right before my eyes, a large section of this tree split in half and crashed to the ground.

I was about to head over to that very corner of the yard!

Thankfully, although the tree fell directly on top of the garbage cans, I wasn't standing there.
I like this story because it ended well.

Friend #37 told me his near-death story, and it certainly trumped today's falling tree tale. Therefore, I forbid him to tell his story for two weeks. That way, I get to tell my story without being one-upped. Nobody likes to be one-upped.

"I walked on the mooooon...." -Brian Regan


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