Monday, February 27, 2006


Standing in the kitchen at 6:30 am, bleary-eyed while attending last night's dishes, I glanced outside at our winter wonderland and announced: "Horse out!" No other words could produce such an electric effect. Emy,our 3-yr old filly, is nonchalantly pawing snow in the side field. "Never mind me..." she seems to gesture hopefully with a swish of her tail.
Padded feet are whistled into boots, coats flung on, and hurried instructions are barked to and fro. In minutes, the situation is addressed: a naughty horse is returned to the stalls and an errant fence arighted. Such events are the stuff of a busy morning.

Taking cue from Friend #7, who encourages me in many ways, I decide to post today even without the blinding light of inspiration. Sometimes the details of my day are the only stuff in my head, and she says that's okay.

Today I have the house to myself . Oh joy! Kiddies are skiing, Hubby is working. Mom will just have to find something to do. Perhaps I shall have a leisurely cuppa while basking in the winter sun that splashes through my kitchen. Then, I shall tuck in to the piano, where 17 French Art Songs have to come under my fingers for tonight's rehearsal. There also is a red binder beckoning me, full of jazz idioms and snappy accompaniment for this weekend's rehearsals in Albany.
Another task, equally pleasurable, is to google the words "Madrid", "Barcelona", "Valencia", and "Paris". From there, I can go any number of directions: food, museums, architecture, flea-markets, concerts, and what have you. My head is trying to wrap itself around the fact that I WILL BE IN THESE PLACES in a few short weeks.

As for the mysterious title of this post, the idea occurred to me that the accordian is immensely popular in Spain and France. If I lugged my Excelsior 120-bass Baby over the ocean, I might find a happy buyer for it. Please laugh along with me at the thought of having to drag it all around Europe with until the miraculous sale takes place. Hubby could document its presence (in all places sublime) with our digital camera, and it could make our trip quite unique.

Of course, none of this will be accomplished if I continue to sit at the computer like a mouse-potato.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

I will rejoice in your pleasure as you dream of faraway places yet to be explored, and unknown people yet to be met...but I do face disappointment at missing the adventure. I will let my mind fleetingly consider such things only because my friends and family have joy and excitement - but I will not let my mind dwell there. At least not yet. It is a disappointment. Oh, well! C'est le vie! And God has perfect plans for all things! I guess I can rejoice after all!

Happy practicing, googling, and horse chasing (I hope she doesn't get out while you are home alone!)

9:06 AM  
Blogger eyestotheeast said...

I think you should take your accordian to Spain and France and play it for people. Grab a corner on the street (and like Mr. Bean) entertain those passing by. =) Just the thought makes me laugh. I bet people would be impressed though.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Then later we can all Google "accordion player in Paris" and see all the tourist pics people took of you and posted online!

; )

2:41 PM  

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