Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Timotheus the Unique

This is a close-up of one of my treasures: a hand-made replica of a page of New Testament manuscript. It was a wedding gift, presented to us 20 years ago by the hand who crafted it. (See his signature and the date on the lower right corner?)

Friend #01 visited our family recently. Because he is traveling to Great Britain for a few years for research purposes, our time with him was especially dear. This is a man whose friendship has had a lasting impact on my life. Now my husband and children enjoy his company, too, which warms my heart. Once we made him laugh so heartily (at the dinner table), that he fell on the floor. Wearing his bathrobe. Friends like that aren't a dime-a-dozen.

I wonder if Friend #01 will report to dinner in his bathrobe while in England. If so, I know he would pull it off regally. He's that kind of guy.

Thanks, Friend #01, for being uniquely you.
Some things just can't be replicated.


Anonymous abbi said...

Every time I talk to him on the phone (which is a lot, because he calls here almost every day to talk to Dad) he asks when I'm going to come to England and see him. :-) Who needs someone to meet you with a sign in Heathrow when you can look for that white shirt and khaki pants?

10:15 AM  

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