Wednesday, November 21, 2007

acts of gratitude

Dilly beans, Spicy Salsa, Sweet Pickles, and Vinegar Peppers stand ready for delivery to Mechanicville, Watertown, Greeneville NC, and the Outer Banks. With apologies to my sister Judy for not making her favorite this year ("No chutney??)--hope they make it intact!

When life gives you not enough time to let the bread rise---make pita bread! We slathered it with hummus and called life good. Talk about being grateful for your daily bread....
How is it possible that this friend doesn't have a number? Her hubby's number is #112, so now he is #112a and she is #112b. (Remember: it's my blog and I get to make up the rules.) Anyway.
Friend #112b and I are feeling mighty clever tonight as we hang our way-cool Thanksgiving banners. I enjoyed her company this afternoon sans kiddies, which is an unusual way to converse with her!
The act of giving thanks can be spontaneous or long in the planning. Either way, it is good to give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Anonymous brietta said...

Yes! I have a number now! I've known for some time that I had yet to be numbered, though I confess to having assumed my position as friend #112 through Nancy's Rules of Marriage Numbering quite some time ago. :)

Thanks for a very fun afternoon. You were right: the cutting was most of the work. Sewing everything up took me about 30 minutes after the kids were all in bed.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous brietta said...

That would be friend #112b.

Happy Thanksgiving.

7:36 AM  

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