Sunday, November 04, 2007

the best things

-visiting a dear sis-in-law on Saturday, snuggling with my eight-year-old niece, and eating African Lamb Stew over rice! Just the right amount of spices and oh-so-authentic.

-spending the night at the Little Yellow House, snuggling with four beautiful kids, waking up to seeing the new paint on the (now) Big Yellow House from my bedroom window.

-A few phone conversations that prove the faithfulness of God, conversation on the couch that proves the faithfulness of God, thinking about the faithfulness of God. Basically, the faithfulness of God all over the place.

-No groceries in the fridge, but a checkbook that I can take to the store that will cover all our necessities. Including milk. and. um. toilet paper.

-Amish haystacks. Aren't they so "Van Gogh"?


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