Tuesday, October 23, 2007


-With Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice behind us. we began The Pilgrim's Progress today. Friend #7 kindly presented a brief introduction of this literary masterpiece to the Hull Homeschool Academy this morning whilst garbed in her pajamas. Her bare feet were propped up on the back of a couch and her toes twiddled constantly. This is not a recommended teaching mode, but it worked for us.

-Venison stew is steeping in the crock pot. I cloaked the cubed meat in onion and garlic and doused the whole thing liberally with red wine.

-I must pick up a stack of vocal music from Crane today. (Or tomorrow at latest!) Why? Because, dear folks, I am working this weekend. In a weak moment this summer, I agreed to accompany the NATS competition. I don't even know what NATS stands for. But I'll get paid handsomely, and for this girl, that's what counts right now.

-This lovely rainy day will find us at the Little Yellow House. #1 Daughter and I will entertain three lively children while their parents (and their newborn) are out. I am looking forward to "playing house" over there. Why is it always more inviting to do someone else's chores? (Besides the Blessing Factor, that is.)

-Sometime soon I would like to capsulize what I learned over the weekend. The Freedom in Christ Seminar was life-changing. Dr. Neil Anderson's teaching was rich and challenging. The entire four days was a soaking-time! I'll have to mention the snacks, too, as just when I thought I couldn't take in any more info, it was snack time. That, and the free coffee, really got me through. Northside Baptist demonstrated a spirit of hospitality and excellence that really impacted me.

-Gotta go. I miss sitting at the computer and downloading my thoughts!


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