Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a sprinkling of Christmas thoughts

One of the most ridiculous marketing attempts ever: the Upside-Down Christmas Tree.
One of the best: Friend #37's Chinese card game. (If you have been introduced to it, you know about the instant addiction.) With #1 Son's computer-design skills and Friend #7's artistic input, a prototype deck of cards is on the way. Coming soon to a store near you...

We found this online. Friend #7 has declared she is making one for #1 Daughter as a Christmas gift. The jacket is already purchased, as are the tights and footwear. Today we peruse JoAnn Fabrics for the perfect material. Even if it's not a surprise, Christmas presents are so fun!

I dusted off a practically antique score for this, a must-have in the department of mood-setting seasonal music. Since it is for piano four-hands, I had Santa's elves deliver some copies to her and to her so we can cobble together a presentable performance for various holiday gatherings. Piano duets are double the pleasure, at least for the players.

Anyone have some evergreen trees on their property that could stand a bit of trimming? I am looking for armfuls of fresh greens in order to deck the Hulls. I don't mind paying for a tree, but our budget would appreciate free cuttings.

Note to self: a breakfast that consists of rum logs is a sure-fire recipe for dieting disaster. STAY AWAY FROM THE RUM LOGS.


Blogger TrashTidBits said...

You can come to my house and get all the fresh greens that you want. Actually, my Cedar trees near the entrance of my porch need trimming since I hit my head on them everytime that I walk underneath them. Last night I got a good dusting of snow down my neck walking under them.

12:09 PM  
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Blogger TrashTidBits said...

Check my blog out for another garbage truck story.

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