Thursday, November 22, 2007

the best laid plans of ice and men

Icy bullets of snow pattered incessantly throughout the night on the metal roof over our bed. I usually revel in the nasty weather, as it means the cancellation of outside activities and the instant gift of a "free day" to putter in the kitchen or lounge on the couch with a book. Bonus.
But today is Thanksgiving Day. The puttering in the kitchen was a given and the table was set for eleven. Two turkeys (practically a flock) were resting in the fridge, ready for roasting. After checking the weather channel and making a few phone calls to Watertown and beyond, Plan A was dumped for Plan B. After another few calls, Plan B was chucked for Plan C.
Plan C involves cooking only one bird, trimming the rest of the menu, making a dessert (as all desserts were to be imported), and reluctantly removing a number of place settings from the table. We've checked the cellular highways and the byways: free and clear of strangers in need of an invitation.
So as roving blasts of icy-mix give way to pure snow and as gentle folk gather all around the country to be with those they love, may we give thanks from the heart for all our blessings. May I be as thankful tomorrow when I cook Thanksgiving Dinner #2--weather permitting, that is.


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