Monday, March 31, 2008

a short one-sided conversation

-our copy of A Midsummer's Night Dream has disappeared. Maybe the faeries are hiding it. Those pesky little imps!

-We have to make three (3) trips into town today. One trip to get groceries and drop off a computer. Another trip to the orthodontist and pick up the computer. And ONE MORE to choir rehearsal tonight. I will also be picking up a stack of music at the college while I'm there. Even with multi-tasking on each trip, there was no way to whittle down our mileage any further.

-Gas is so expensive!
-Groceries are so expensive!

-Reading the Bible is free. So is writing a letter to a dear friend. (Even more so if you can e-mail it!)
-Kindness is free, too.

-The birds were not happy about this morning's snowfall, and I don't blame them. No place to perch when everything is covered with slippery snow! Despite their dismay, they were singing to beat the band when I stepped outside this morning.

I want to be like that.


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