Friday, May 02, 2008

true story

One dozen peat-pots of Blue Beauty Morning Glory adorn our porch table. In a few weeks, I will place them along the stone foundation and provide string for their climb to heaven. Up you go, tendrils!
May you blossom profusely until Jack Frost stings you in September.

To the naked eye, nothing is going on here. But we never count the opinions of naked eyes.

This is the evidence my family demands. This proves I have not lingered on the couch with a book and a box of chocolates all morning. Actually, I could've rigged this scenario.

But I didn't.

I enter this this mound of tangly weeds as evidence of my industriousness, also.

Out in the garden, Little Marvel Peas went underground today, approximately 3 inches deep into freshly turned soil. If the rain holds off, Buttercrunch Lettuce and Long-Stemmed Bloomsdale Spinach will be emptied from their envelopes, too.

This gray and overcast day will not dampen my spirits. After all, I AM PLANTING THINGS.
And one who plants is a very optimistic person.

True story.


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