Friday, April 25, 2008


Some things seem to get worse before they get better.


-one of our investment properties in Madrid.
Now that the faded and mismatched siding has been yanked off and some windows replaced, one might assume that this particular dilapidated house might look more like unto a shiny new penny. But nope. Rather, it looks worse.
However. I know by experience how these things go. I would describe myself as nonplussed over the situation, but I learned the true definition of nonplussed this week, and it is not applicable here. I always thought it meant "unaffected".

-our yard. Please know that I am over last week's rant, and am well into the "Do Something About It" stage. I raked old leaves, sticks, and junk with a vengeance yesterday while #1 Daughter took down some electric fencing. Hubby was on clean-up at the property next door, but he also trucked piles of wet leaves and weeds for me. While yanking off my trusty pair of garden boots and predicting the imminent discovery of sore muscles I didn't know I even had, I surveyed our progress.
Yup. Looks worse. It's a good sign, I say.

-the CFA band. We were a slouchy crew this afternoon. After dismissing the strings and the rhythm section (one drummer), I sat patiently amidst my woodwinds to work through their scores. I tapped out the beats while shelling out encouragement. We have a month to make ourselves presentable.

Is it any wonder the principle of worse/better is being pulled out of my hat?


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