Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My students announced that today "felt" like a day off from school.
I know what they mean.

We have been cranking out a tightly-packed schedule--even up through breakfast this morning where Friend #112a joined us for some hang-out time with our guest minister.
After serving a breakfast casserole and apple-cottage cheese pancakes and making sure there was fresh coffee in everyone's cup, I headed out into the sparkling sun for a walk.

(Outta my way, everybody. I need my space.)

I pushed my tired and complaining body on to the top of the hill, through the maple grove, and up to the green barn where sometimes a cow bellows without warning from within and makes me jump out of my skin. When this occurs, I automatically pretend I tripped over something just to cover myself. Even though nobody is around for a mile or so.

I don't know why.

As for my students, they are doing light schoolwork today, just as I am doing light housework. A little math, a dab of science, and a touch of review here and there will have to suffice, as we are just plumb tuckered out from a weekend of special meetings, extra social engagements, and late-night dining.

Events like this (see previous two posts) are wonderful and glorious and all, but they don't tend to help anyone get up in the morning. And no matter what spiritual planes we all attain, dirty laundry and dirty dishes are still generated at the same old clip.

Highlight of my afternoon: an extended perusal of the latest issue of this, our family's favorite mag. In between articles, I may cat-nap.

If someone catches me at it, I could always say I was "in deep contemplation".


Anonymous brietta said...

What kind of dishwasher do you have? I'm liking the little basket on top; looks perfect for sippy cup lids to me. :)

1:46 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

brietta: it's a maytag.

I think you can purchase those cages separately, as mine come right out!

4:38 PM  

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