Friday, April 11, 2008

an interesting life

things I did this week:

-made spicy lamb stew.

-took hour-long walks almost every day.

-sent a letter and a gift to a far-away friend.

-stared in amazement at what surely must have been a peregrine falcon. He was huge!

-painted a friend's bedroom. "Ivoire" and "Dutch Tile Blue". It was a calming experience.

-rehearsed a Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto. A lot.

-led a band rehearsal.

-finished reading A Midsummer's Night Dream. We found our copy under the couch.

-finished listening to a 3 CD set of expository teaching on the Book of Revelation with my darling students. To quote Brian Regan: "It was good, but it wasn't a thousand dollars-good." After over three hours of teaching, we finally reached verse 8 of chapter one.

Go ahead. Ask me anything about Revelation 1:1 through 1:8.

-ate lunch at the Hometown Cafe. (Tuna Melt with a side of Fries. Hence, the long walks.) Full disclosure: I ate breakfast there this morning, also. (Cheese Omelette and Whole Wheat Toast)
If there was another place in Madrid to catch a quick meal, I would still go to Hometown.
I like their cookie-jar collection.

-prepared the guest room for weekend company.

-attended a choir rehearsal and belted out "Ride On, King Jesus" like Ethel Merman.

-tonight, I will attempt to sneak in to the second act of an opera performance. #1 Son has a cameo appearance with his violin.

Looking over this list, I was struck by the observation that I lead an interesting life!


Blogger danica said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I'd give anything to be at a Crane student production. I'd even pay money. Just feeling nostalgic, I guess. Who knew one could have fondness for a cement-block structure reminiscent of a state prison?

10:07 PM  

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