Wednesday, April 02, 2008

all about Sarah

Last week in our Sunday morning class, 48 women and teenage-girls learned a bit about Ruth.

Ruth, of Old Testament-fame, has an entire book of the Bible named after her! Even if you aren't the type to read the Old Testament, I challenge you to check this book out. It it a very readable account of a very amazing woman.

This coming Sunday, it is my turn at the helm and I'm all about Sarah. She was so much more than Abraham's laughing wife.

If you can join us at 9:15 am this Sunday morning, please do.
Consider yourself invited!


The late afternoon sun managed to crawl past the dust and grime on the front windows and alight upon this, one of my favorite objects.

This funky vase was a gift from one of the choirs I used to accompany in Albany. It was presented to me with flourishes and speeches after my last performance with them, as I stood humbly on a table (perhaps so they could all see me?) and inwardly protested their kind words.

"See all the faces on it?" someone inquired.
"That's all of our eyes on you!"

The joke was that the choir members were often berated for watching me, the pianist, instead of the conductor. I couldn't help but give cues with my chin, elbows, and eyebrows.

In general, I don't have emotional attachments to mere things.
But this quirky vase is very special to me.


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