Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#1 Son speaks

-We were pressed for time at the airport and only had twenty minutes to chow down our McDonald's take-out meal. We perched on our luggage and on airport couches in a dark corner lounge. #1 Son assessed the situation in between bites of Big Mac and gamely quipped:
"If we were a homeless family, this is what we would look like."

Conversation in the plane:
#1 Daughter: "I'm exhausted."
#1 Son: "Did you not sleep well last night?"
#1 Daughter: ""
#1 Son: "So, if you did NOT not sleep well last night, you shouldn't be exhausted, right?
#1 Daughter: "I am too tired for this conversation.

-Tufts of gray fur were scattered about the side yard this afternoon. I scoped it out and decided that a hawk probably got a rabbit for lunch. #1 Son philosophically accepted this premise and commented as he slid into the back seat of the PT:

"Looks like there was quite the tussle."


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