Tuesday, April 07, 2009


We certainly did visit the president last evening. In the white house. On Main St. in Canton NY.
The Class of 2013 of St. Lawrence University was invited to an evening of fancy-schmancy desserts and hob-nobbing, and we participated willingly in both activities.

After this photo was snapped, President Sullivan impressed #1 Son with a silly joke, delivered with aplomb. Kassarian Dane, art professor, is a friend of ours from church. We met some other parents who are emptying their bank accounts in favor of their child's education.

Actually, I was greeted at the door by a very nice lady whose name tag informed me that she was "Director of Financial Aid". She looked like the kind of person that would appreciate my sense of humor, so I asked her if and when I could kiss her feet.

Here is #1 Son with the Dean of the First Year Program, a program specially designed to help freshmen adjust to college life. We also found the only other student from Norwood, who at first insisted that he was the only one from the 'hood. He hadn't taken into consideration the fact that there was a family who home-schooled just down the road apiece.
His earrings matched his sweater though, which endeared him to me.

This is banana cream pie. I don't know how it got here. Guess I'll just have to eat it.

We attended the Annual Crane Chorus Concert last Saturday, where we were treated to a fantastic performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah". #1 Son played second fiddle in the band. He cleans up nice, don't he now?

It was lovely to see peeps we know backstage. Here, #1 Daughter poses with a sweet girl who needs to come decorate cookies with us again. Soon.


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Say, when can I cash in on those 'old time photos' you threatened to scan and post here? Of course, I may be sorry...

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