Monday, March 09, 2009


Down the road apiece, there is a mom & pop store. It is a tiny storefront with the usual shingle hung out over the door, but something about it always gets a rise out of me. (We pass it often enough, although no one I know has EVER gone inside.) We drive down Main St. at the required 30 mph, we all read the sign, and then the conversation goes like this:

Me: That sign really bugs me. "Fe-Fee's". What's up with that?

Disinterested Fellow Occupant of the Car: You always say that."

Me: Well, how is it pronounced? FAY-Fee's? FEH-Fee's?

D.F.O.C.: Probably just FEE-FEE's.

Me: Then WHY is each syllable spelled differently?

D.F.O.C.: I don't know. Why does it matter?

Me: People should be more aware of their signs. Maybe it was a typo that never got fixed. Perhaps Fe-Fee is the name of the owner--and the owner doesn't know how to spell her OWN NAME. Perhaps it is of Asian origin. Not likely, though. Perhaps nobody really noticed that FE and FEE are pronounced the same, and therefore should be spelled the same.

D.F.O.C.: --perhaps you need to give it a rest.

Me: *sigh*. Yeah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, that is the correct spelling and it is "fee-fee."


6:28 PM  

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