Saturday, February 14, 2009

a few things to fill this page....

-Our family is attending an auction this morning. We like to poke through other people's stuff. Once an hour or so, we bid on something. Have you ever raised your hand at an auction? Notice the rush of blood to the cheeks, the tingly toes, the antsy-pants, the sweaty palms? Fun, isn't it?

-We received a fat folder, express mail, yesterday. #1 Son has been admitted to St. Lawrence University! Along with the acceptance letter came a list of generous scholarship awards. These awards were the determining factor whether #1 Son could attend this upper-crust school. We will now train ivy to twine around his outside bedroom window, make him wear a tie and jacket to every meal, and address him as "Master Benjamin". As for this home-schooling mom, she is still rejoicing on wobbly legs and wiping tears of joy and relief from her chin with the skirt of her new Valentine's Day apron.

-I made a spaghetti dinner last evening, which we shared with two young guys that we like a lot.
The late-night conversation included
1. transcendentalism and Thoreau's Walden
2. Federalism
3. the history of everyone's road test
4. boys having friends who are girls
5. computer talk
6. Jamie's peculiar vocabulary
7. Micah's peculiar hobbies
8. Ben's peculiar sense of humor.

-#1 Daughter is making a double batch of sugar cookies. It is her therapy.

- Yes, it is true. Our brick farmhouse is for sale. A yellow metal sign graces our front yard. It makes me feel so very fickle to be willing to take money for our home. But if a good offer comes along, I will get over it in a New York second.

-Today is Valentine's Day. Whatever your romantic lot in life, it is always appropriate to revel in God's redeeming love. If you choose to do so while devouring a double-chocolate red velvet layer cake with fudge sauce, all the better. If you must "settle" for sugar cookies, warm from the oven, dripping with pink icing, that's okay too. Eat your fill. But generate intense love vibes to those around you.

Is that too much to ask?


Blogger abigaildaniels said...

Congrats on the scholarship. I know from watching my own Mom that a scholarship is as much a reward to a homeschooling mom as her student! Good job!

10:58 PM  

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