Sunday, January 18, 2009


My afternoons have been filled with reading this week. Sometimes also my evenings. Almost never my mornings, unless you count late morning as really "morning." Then, I guess you could say, I have been on a crazy reading-spree.

A brutal cold snap that drove us all to semi-hibernation has also contributed to this literary spurt. I have taken up residence on the couch in the front room and, swaddled in a quilt and accompanied by a strong cup o' tea, there I wallow in books. Besides my trusty Bible (NIV as of late)- I have been reading The Blithesdale Romance (Hawthorne), John Adams (McCullough), Build Your Own Earth Oven (some hippie-guy), and The Prodigal God (Piper).

I perused other things, but I don't think that the latest Pottery Barn catalog counts as "reading".

The month of January is a stellar month for literary endeavors for a number of reasons. One, until the local college semester starts up, I don't have to practice the piano or attend rehearsals. Two, my other hobbies (long walks, kayaking, and gardening) are impossible or impractical. Three, with the holidays behind me, I feel a certain license to indulge myself with such indolence as reading for hours on end.

Three cheers for reading!


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