Saturday, January 03, 2009

headlines spawn strange thoughts

CNN headline catches my eye, as it was created to do:

"Woman, 114, is in line to be named world's oldest"

Wait. She's in line?

They are making a 114-year old woman wait IN LINE for a prize?
Are other geriatric patients in this line, too? Are people assigned to help them as they wait?
Are wheelchairs allowed? What about walkers/canes/rolling cots?
If they leave to use the bathroom, are they disqualified?
Exactly how long have they been standing in this line?
And once the winner is declared, do they come right out and say,

"Congratulations, you are the World's Oldest Human Being. You may hold this title until the day you die and then the NEXT oldest person (standing right behind you) gets to have it. Enjoy!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very clever!
i'm off to OK with Jon. see you when i get back


9:16 AM  

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