Monday, December 22, 2008


Now that Christmas week is upon me, it is due time to choose our holiday menu. I love to choose special foods that my family is excited about! We definitely love to eat around here.

Since we attend the annual Christmas Eve service, an easy-to-prepare dinner will be a treat. We will dine upon a smoked turkey from Hubby's dad (we got one last year also, and it was amazing!) It will be accompanied by a rice salad, hummus, and fresh veggies.

Christmas breakfast will be cheese blintzes with blueberry sauce. I aim to convert my whole family to the divinity of blintzes. Besides, blintz is ever so fun to pronounce.

cheeeeese blintzes!

Furthermore, if this word lands on a triple in scrabble, one could really rack up the points.

On to Christmas Dinner. I cracked open one of my favorite cookbooks (thanks, Friend #12) to discover this: Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Couscous & Date Stuffing. Also on the menu: roasted sweet potatoes & carrots, salad with toasted pecans & blue cheese, and garlic naan.

Most likely, we won't prepare any other desserts besides the ever-present Christmas cookies. (If a cheesecake shows up at our door, we would gladly accept it, though.)

Although this festive season brings its share of fat-laden goodies and heavy, rich food (all of which we love dearly), I mix in healthy, light dishes at every meal. Fruit and yogurt is a favorite around here, any time of the year.

Special meals and special table-settings are only the backdrops for visits from dear people whom we love. I am excited to spend time with them!


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