Tuesday, December 09, 2008

all talk, very little action

Cool discussions I have had this morning:

Copernicus, Galileo, and the Catholic Church
This conversation involved astronomy, the qualities of time-travel, black holes, specialized fossils, and Benjamin Franklin's invention of the lightning rod.

Immigrants in the late 1800's
Prejudice, church traditions, human relationships, and the hard work of farming were integrated into this discussion.

Tacky Christmas Yards
My own fault entirely. We logged on to the website to view some seriously disturbed holiday decor-all in the context of "school".

Last evening's intense rehearsal of Handel's Messiah
Singing these great choruses is nigh to heaven. The conductor's instruction for us to imagine the very first performance of this great musical work spawned an exchange of ideas between me and Friend #12 this morning. As wondrously inspiring the music of Handel is, the glorious heavenly music that streamed from the skies the night of Jesus' birth transcends human imitation.

Weird Definitions
While reading aloud, I tend to ask for definitions of words in the text at hand.
Me: Define "vexed".
#1 Daughter: irritated?
#1 Son: the stuff you put on your chest when you're sick."


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