Friday, November 28, 2008

going international

This topsy-turvy pile of gravy boats was on the outer edge of the towering mound of dirty dishes generated by the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for International Students that we attended last week. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship sponsors the event, and this year it was held at our church.

My camera wasn't employed until dinner was over, seeing I was too busy bossing around the team of servers. An hour before dinner, I waltzed into the kitchen unaware that I was to inherit such a responsibility. The trouble is, I look like a mom who knows stuff. -Like, where do the coats go? Can I wear this shirt? Where do I stand? Can my little sister help, too? Where are the water pitchers? When do the helpers get to eat?

-and so on.

"Who is in charge here?" I inquired. No fear, kitchen staff. Laura is in the house. This girl knows what's what and who's who.
Do what she says and no one gets hurt.

Upstairs in the sanctuary, this radiant young lady was the "boss". Wouldn't you jump to do anything she asked of you? I would. She asks so nicely. And who could resist that SMILE?

Over 300 international students and their families enjoyed an over-the-top feast, which included Moroccan Chicken, Chinese favorites, and a vegetarian buffet, in addition to the ever-popular turkey with all the trimmings. As I dished out yummy stuff to all kinds of beautiful faces, I inquired what country they were from.

Iran. China. Korea. Nigeria. Vietnam. ummm. the Bronx.
Okay, that counts as a foreign country, I guess.

I also had to explain one too many times what "stuffing" was. No matter how its inherent goodness was presented, I didn't get many takers. The sesame chicken went like hotcakes, though.

After the main meal, they filled the sanctuary for a powerful presentation of the Good News for all people-kind. I like when people hear good news. Don't you?

More good news: there was pie down in the dining area. Tablefuls of pie. Pie to the rafters, almost.Although I have contributed baked goods to this event for years, this was the first time I volunteered to serve. It was a privilege!


Blogger RB said...

thank you for the comments about laura. i'm stealing this post, or at least parts of it....

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Blogger RB said...

I love the line,

"Do what she says and no one gets hurt."

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