Thursday, November 06, 2008

New Haven

We are home from New Haven. Here is a list of events which come to mind:

-when I travel, I prefer to eat ethnic food. No fast food for this girl! Tuesday night was take-out from the Casa Dominicana in Albany. Wednesday was Moroccan chicken for lunch (Yale dining hall) and Middle Eastern cuisine for dinner (lamb kebob, hummus, tahini & yogurt sauce, spiced beef in a pita, and baklava for dessert). Happily, I was traveling with two young guys that share my food preferences.

-no one invited us to join them in any lawn games. Otherwise, the New Haven Lawn Club was just the ticket for us. A walk across the street brought us right onto campus. We never moved the car once. Very convenient!

-the Yale campus is amazingly beautiful. Everyone was energized about their learning opportunities. Although the student body's liberal bent was evident by the flyers posted everwhere, it felt like the kind of place where different points of view were respected.

-seven hours is a long drive. I get antsy around the five-hour mark. I warned the boys about this phenomena. We really don't need to get into detail about the craziness I display by being cooped up in the car.

-our country has spoken. We will have a new president in January. He is black. He is charming and engaging and handsome. He has a lovely family. He is drastically liberal. He has made promises that grieve me. I hope you will excuse my lack of further comments on the election results, as I am very tired at the moment.

-although we had an action-packed trip, visited the New Haven Historical Society, viewed awe-inspiring Colonial mansions, walked among New England's elite, and so on.....we did not come home with ONE SINGLE PHOTO. The cameras were left behind in the car. I do not know why.


Blogger TrashTidBits said...

I have taken road trips with you and never noticed anything different about your behavior after the 5 hour mark. Is this something new?

6:41 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

"Everyone was energized about their learning opportunities." This is the type of place you want to be (and Ben to be). I remember visiting colleges with Abbi; we sat through a number of classes where the students--mostly guys--slept through the classes, either metaphorically or literally. I rememeber my wife and I saying to each other, "Where are all the bright, energized guys going to school?" Then we visited the school where Abbi ended up and found an environment where the guys and gals were academically engaged, energized, critcal thinking, and just a touch puckish. I thought to myself, "How energizing! I wonder if I could go back to college and start all over again?" But alas, time has marched on.

If Ben doesn't end up at Yale, don't settle. Look for a place where the students are "energized about their learning opportunities."

8:59 PM  

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