Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What are we reading these days?

This week brings us to the last of The Last of the Mohicans. Whew! Definitely a hard read. Not a bad read; only hard. Worth it, you ask? For myself, sure. For my kids, maybe you shouldn't ask until they are older and can appreciate the fact that their mom forced them to plow through such pithy stuff. To bring this study, which was linked to the French & Indian War, to a smashing close, we are watching a PBS series that was recommended to us. Bring out the popcorn and call it history, thank you.

Since we finished The Scarlet Letter (kids: "two thumbs way up"), I thought we would enjoy some smaller bites of the same genre. We read Young Goodman Brown and My Kinsman, Major Molineaux, short stories both. Now that we are familiar with Mr. Hawthorne's style, his short stories are well-appreciated by us!

I perused The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin in anticipation of assugning it to my darling students. Mr. Franklin fascinates me, but his book was not riveting. (He himself admits that it was akin to the ramblings of an old man.) We shall settle for an excerpt and call it a deal.

Now that we are approaching the American Revolution, I expect our reading to be excerpts of Jefferson, Paine, Patrick Henry, and others of that era. Any suggestions for a good book to read aloud?

We are also reading the Gospel of John. I was inspired by our dear pastor's sermon on Sunday to spend a bit of time there with the kids. I think the opening chapter of The Gospel of John is about as good as it gets. Read it again, and tell me what you think.

What a gift it is to have the ability to read!


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

Our American Lit book has an excerpt. I took the full BF Autobio out of the library here in Menlo Park. A quick perusal led me to believe the kids might be a tad bit disinclined to call it good. Maybe a bit tedious. Okay -- outright bored.

They are reading poets for now, and some short stories as well. Liana already read The Scarlet Letter, and perhaps I should assign that to Camilla while Liana reads House of Seven Gables.

We have a baby. The exhaustion that follows such doings has engulfed the household. Pizza is ordered for delivery soon, moods are a bit melancholy, little toddler boy is cantankerous and senses that things are a bit out of sorts around here. But food, a movie, and sleep will bring us to a new day. God had such a good idea when He decided that every 24 hours we should get to start over. Hooray for another birthday to celebrate on October 21! And Hooray for a new day which will dawn soon!

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Pete said...

Today is my dad's birthday!

10:50 PM  

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