Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Little Black Boy

I can share these lyrics with you today, but I wish I had the technical means to share the music with you, too. Together, they are so tender, so incredibly sweet and comforting, that they defy description.
If you are in my kitchen sometime, ask me to play my recording of it. The vocalist is a tall, lean, black tenor from the Metropolitan Opera Chorus. The composer/lyricist is a woman (whose name escapes me) who was a friend of his. The pianist is yours truly.

I aspire to the kind of trust and confidence that this lamb, this bird, and this little black boy speak of.

Little White Lamb, sleeping in the grass
are you not afraid, Lamb, that a wolf will pass?

No, I am not afraid, I sleep peacefully.
Jesus is my shepherd and He cares for me.
As I sleep in the grass, yes, I know He cares for me.

Little Bluebird, flying in the dawn
would you be troubled to find your nest gone?

No, I would not mind. I would fly away free

for my Heavenly Father watches over me.
As I fly in the sky, yes, I know He cares for me.

Little Black Boy playing in the sun
have you no troubles; no fight to be won?

Yes, I have troubles, but I still can sing
for my Father made me; I'm a child of the King.
So I sing to my King, for I know He cares for me.


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