Sunday, September 28, 2008

buckle in. it's the weekend.

It's been a swirly, whirly weekend for me and mine.

Friday, my entire home-schooled class (of 2) did a little field-trippin'. And because I am feeling so very lazy, I will send you here to find out all about where we went and what we did. When #1 Son gets home from playing with the big boys (i.e. local college students that go to our church), I will compel him to hand over some of his documentary-quality photos. All for the enjoyment of you, dear reader.

The next day, I went here for a steamed chai and a lovely conversation with this dear lady. She then gave me a tour of the progress in her new abode. Let me tell you this: she has such elegant taste! I rejoiced with her at the way things are coming together. I also shared a few tears with her as we reflected on the tragic event that brought her back to us to work and live. So many unanswered questions....they bring me to my knees. Once again, I resolve to be satisfied to serve the One who holds the answers to all our sorrows and mysteries.

At high noon, I caught the end of a performance by this fabulous band. They were playing my new favorite, "Life is Such a Beautiful Thing". (Yes. Yes, it is. It is a very precious and very beautiful thing. Thanks for the reminder, Julia Marie.))

After the band unplugged themselves and packed up, I picked out two of them (okay, one band-leader and one soundman) and kidnapped them for the rest of the day. I traveled with them to Lake Placid where we did music for a wedding ceremony --and then also the reception. I truly appreciate those young'uns pretending to have fun with a middle-aged lady like me.

The view from the dining room was amazing. The filet mignon wasn't too bad, either. I shouldn't tell you that they had to physically hold me back from hopping into a passing kayak. I had a dress on, for goodness sakes! By the way, the musical "hit" of the whole evening was "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. Who knew?
In some way or another, I always manage to have a good time, even in a work situation.

While the band packed up (for the second--no, third time that day) I snatched a few moments on a tall, spinning barstool to work on my Sunday School lesson for the next morning. No, I did not take up the bartender's offer of a drink. Well. Maybe if it was one of these.

We arrived home before I was scheduled to turn into one of these.

So, how was your weekend?


Blogger TrashTidBits said...

My weekend had me traveling too, but a little less hectic than yours. Went fishing, had dinner with family, and got to participate in a 25th anniversary service at the Thousand Island Christian Church.

I only have three days left for kayaking. Let's go before I leave.

5:41 AM  

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