Monday, September 01, 2008

September First

What I brought home from my trip to Watertown/Henderson today:

-a bag full of bargain books from Borders
-a quart of green beans
-9 very large bell peppers
-4 hefty eggplant
-2 giant carrots
-a sack of basil (smelling of heaven)
-my friend (#32) who flew into Syracuse from TX
-my mom's paring knife (whoops. I used it cut the basil in the garden.)

What I did in Watertown/Henderson today:

-kayaked Lake Ontario
-visited with my mom/aunt
-prepped a colander-full of tomatoes for freezing
-raided my dad's garden
-ate dinner at Panera Bread

It was a relaxing way to celebrate the end of summer vacation!


Blogger Laura said...

Great spending time with you yesterday, Friend # 32.

12:03 PM  

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