Saturday, August 30, 2008


The farmer on the hill has been mowing and baling all week. When the engines are quiet and he is eating his supper, I mosey over to see his spoils. The long fingers of evening shadows the spill into the damp fields make me nostalgic and yearny.
When the kids were little, they called these bales "mini-wheats". I know what they mean, although there is nothing "mini" about these shaggy things.

In the early morning and late evening, I adore the color of our shutters. In the ruthless mid-day sun, not so much. At any rate, this shot shows the front porch decor. All we need is some cornstalks to make the picture complete.

#1 Daughter and I picked out the mums yesterday. I love mums! They are such an honest flower, if you know what I mean.

The pumpkins and squash are from the garden. We'll eat them, eventually. But this way, I get to play with my food first.


Blogger TrashTidBits said...

The hay pictures bring back fond memories of my times growing up on the farm. This is my favorite time of the year in NY. I'm glad that I'll get to experience it during my visit in September. See you tomorrow. Miss you.

9:36 AM  

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