Saturday, August 16, 2008


Now that I have had some tech-assistance, allow me to share some photos with y'all.

On a day-trip to Lake Placid today, I spied a sign. It said, "The Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage".
Wait. Stop. Turn around. Follow that sign! Hubby was so nice (read: tolerant) to do so.

Before this fireplace, R.L.S. dined with his family and then, by lamplight, serenaded them with his freshly-penned manuscripts. If these walls could talk!

Here is a sobering assignment: compose your own epitaph. R.L.S. wrote his quite a few years before he died of tuberculosis in the Samoan Islands, where he is buried. This exact copy is displayed in this cottage in Saranac Lake.

I love this poem!

This is the desk where he penned some of his most beloved tales.

I love front porches!

The High Peaks are awfully pretty, but I plan to admire them from afar. Hubby and kids have likely climbed them while I was home practicing the piano.

I miss this young man.

Too much cuteness. Way too much.

At a certain time in the early evening, the sun hits the screen porch and warms my heart.

I can't get over my love for this stone house.


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It is beautiful inside!!!

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