Friday, August 15, 2008

around here

-My family is home. --well, all except for #1 Daughter, who jumped into another vehicle upon arriving in Syracuse. She is is Pittsburgh PA for a youth conference until Sunday. I miss her.

-I was hoping to get some eco/green points for hanging out laundry on our new clothesline. Cancel those points, you people who keep track of such things. A soaking rain has added 18 lbs of water to those clothes. Good thing my dryer has a heavy-duty cycle.

-Potsdam's new Super Wal-Mart took TEN YEARS to open.
Went there. Bought stuff. That's about it.

-The maples around the Raquette River are bright red, throwing strikingly beautiful reflections on the water. You can't imagine the view from my kayak! I would show you lots of pictures of this phenomena, but I dropped my camera into the river. Only for a second. But that's apparently all it took to render it.... ummm....useless.

We all love these. They look pretty on the table, too!

-The TV has been tuned in to the Olympics every night. We are officially hooked. Here are a few choice excerpts of recent conversation overheard in our family room:

Person A: "How many inches in a foot? I always forget."
Person B: "12, silly. I can't believe you asked that!"
Person A: "I always get mixed up. 12 inches per foot and ....14 ounces per pound, right?"
Person B: "16 ounces in a pound!
Person A: "Well then, what's 14?
Persons B, C, and D: (in unison) "THE AGE OF A CHINESE GYMNAST."

Friend #37: (who thinks he lives here again, apparently--as he has hardly missed a night of Olympic coverage) "I could do all that. All I am lacking is the proper equipment."


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

Now I'm feeling a bit remiss. I've not seen even a single event, swim, leap, run, jump, swing, or any other such thing. Not that I don't love that stuff, mind you, but they started while I was away so my attention wasn't captured. Since then it's been on regrouping this lost cause of a house. Sooner or later some sense of order may emerge (may being the key word there...)

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Peter said...

Hi friend so far away. I love hearing of conversation at your house... just too funny.
I'm now posting in just thought that I'd let you know that.
Fayetteville is great, the weather is quite pleasant... aaaannd I miss you a lot. So comment me back.


12:18 PM  
Blogger TrashTidBits said...

You really dropped your camera in the river? I'm so sorry. Must be that my paddle has allowed your arms to weaken since you're not having to row the lunker around.

11:40 PM  

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