Monday, August 04, 2008

thirty years

It is not often I am speechless.

Last evening, I was included in a special gathering to honor thirty years of marriage. Two friends-- who I love dearly, dearly, dearly--were surrounded by family and a sprinkling of friends in order to be showered with gratitude. As always, time was set aside to express appreciation for the guests of honor before we dove into dessert and coffee.

One family member put it so succinctly: "Together, you have made a much greater impact on the world than if you had been separate."

Too often, we live for the moment. We say whatever we feel, do what comes to mind, and act on impulse. But the purposes of God are viewed through the long lens. A long lens and a wide lens. The words we say, the decisions we make, our seemingly insignificant actions all add up--and they can change the people around us for eternity.

Two people set their hearts on things above thirty years ago, and renewed their vows again and again as the bumps of real life shook them. And although they didn't set out with this purpose in mind (I am sure!), they have changed my life.

And since unexpressed gratitude isn't really gratitude at all, let me upgrade from speechless to
attempting to express the inexpressible:

Thank you, Rick and Darlene. I love you both!


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