Thursday, July 24, 2008

the girls make ZA

ZA is a bonafide word, totally kosher as far as Scrabble goes. It means, "pizza".
Now you know.

We made za tonight. Boy, did we ever.
Whole-wheat crust, thin. Rubbed with EVOO and crushed garlic.
No sauce. Rather, a generous toss of diced roma tomatoes.
Thinly sliced yellow squash.
Lightly steamed broccoli.
Fresh spinach and basil.
Three kinds of cheese.
Oregano, too.

We threw it our pieces of art (one round and one rectangular) into a hot oven and waited for the searing heat to do its thing. Only one thing could have made this za even better, and that's this.

Now, wouldn't that make a dilly of a za.


Anonymous brietta said...

I thought Scrabble words had to be a minimum of 3 letters???

Anyway, sounds like a great pizza! I'm making pizza tonight, but Gabriel gets to pick the whole meal (a reward for doing his chores) and he very much insisted that it have red sauce and "just plain cheese." Can you tell he's nervous about the things I'll put?!

7:51 AM  

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